Minolta SR-1 Camera Brochure

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Front cover



A new high in practical automation for Single Lens Reflex Cameras

The shutter speed dial identifies this camera as a 'model a' with lift-and-turn mechanism, while the camera pictured inside and on the back cover is a 'model b' with click-stop type dial. Click here for a detailed view.
Minolta SR-1
Minolta SR-1
  Minolta SR-1
Back cover

SR-1 with Auto-Tele-Rokkor f3.5-200mm


Cat.# SR-103

Printed in Japan

The serial number of the camera is 1134856, like the camera pictured at the center page of the brochure.
Page 2

Just advance the film lever, and ...

... automatically diaphragm opens to its largest aperture.

So this booklet is featuring the SR-1 'model b' with its semi-automatic diaphragm. Curiously, in the instruction manual this is promoted as 'completely automatic', which is completely overstated. When the real completely automatic diaphragm was introduced, they had no way to compare this expression - the marketing guys fooled themselves.
Minolta SR-1   Minolta SR-1
Page 3

The Penta-Prism Finder

Page 4

Minolta SR-1

The body serial is 1134856.
Minolta SR-1
Page 5

The topmost picture is borrowed from the SR-2 brochure, as the serial tells - as well as the second picture and the bottom picture of the previous page.

The third picture shows another serial: 1121704. This picture is presumably deriving from a SR-1 'model a' brochure.
Page 6

Choose the world famous Rokkor Lenses ...
... to suit your needs.

Page 7
(opposite page)

We see a heavily retouched line-up of the available Rokkor lenses. I guess, the original pictures were too bad in terms of contrast and sharpness, and apparently in some cases only preproduction lenses were available for the photograph.
Minolta SR-1   Minolta SR-1
Minolta SR-1 Minolta SR-1 Minolta SR-1 Minolta SR-1 Minolta SR-1

The 'chrome ring' SR-2.

Tele Rokkor-TD 1:4.5 f=30cm
with a chrome index ring for f-stop. This is presumably a preproduction version.

Rokkor-TC 1:4 f=135mm
Look at the weired black aperture ring - never seen this in real life.

Rokkor-TC 1:4 f=100mm
The rarely seen early version with 43 mm filter thread.

W.Rokkor-QE 1:4 f=35mm
serial: 1100002 - seems to be a pre-production lens, too.

Click here for a blow-up.
Pages 8 and 9

Accessories for every situation

As in the SR-2 brochure, the chrome ring SR-2 is pictured in some places

Have a look at the Angle Finder II and Magnifier II, now equipped with the bayonet mount, instead of the screw mount of the earlier types.

The front edge of the polarizer has now the function of a lens shade.

This double page is the inside of a fold-out, with page 8 beeing the inside of the back cover and page 9 beeing the other side of page 7. So, if you are looking at page 6/7, you can expand page 7 and see this map.
Minolta SR-1
Minolta SR-1 Minolta SR-1 Minolta SR-1