Minolta SR-1 Camera Brochure

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Front cover



A new high in practical automation for Single Lens Reflex Cameras

Pictured is a SR-1 'model d' (the first model with a meter shoe) with a SR Meter attached. This was a Selenium cell meter, and thus needed no battery.

The serial number of the body is 1250014.
Minolta SR-1   Minolta SR-1
Back cover

Here, for the first time, the name of the US subsidiary (established in April 1959) appears:

Minolta Corporation,
200 Park Avenue South, New York 3, N.Y.

Printed in Japan

Cat.# SR-102A
Page 2

Completely automatic

The serial of the camera body pictured here, is 1249395.
Minolta SR-1   Minolta SR-1
Page 3

The Penta-Prism Finder

Pages 4 and 5

Minolta SR-1

The body serial is 1249395, the same as on the previous page.

Again, several pictures are borrowed from earlier SR-2 and SR-1 brochures.

The preset lever is new: Since the aperture opend up immediately after exposure, there was a need to manually stop down the lens in order to check the depth of field. So, a small lever was incorporated in each lens. This change happened with the 'model c', the predecessor of the model shown here w/o meter shoe.
Minolta SR-1
Pages 6 and 7

Lens overview

New here:

Auto Rokkor-PF 1:2 f=55mm
A budget standard lens to go with the budget SR-1.

Auto Tele Rokkor-PF 1:2 f=100mm
The dream lens for portraiture, today a rarely seen collectible. Was relaunched in 1966 as a MC lens for a short period.

Rokkor-TC 1:4 f=100mm
The new version with thicker barrel and 46 mm filter thread.

Minolta Tripod
Pictured in any brochure or manual at that time, but never listed as an accessory. Mystic item.
Minolta SR-1
Pages 8 and 9

Contemporary Rokkor Photography
Minolta SR-1   Minolta SR-1
Pages 10 and 11


Minolta SR-1   Minolta SR-1